The Ugandan government and its mainstream financial institutional schemes have continued in the push in the bid to ensure that the youth are empowerment economically through developing various schemes most notably the youth livelihood programs and financial literacy schemes. In consistent with this advocacy, CONEM brings a window of hope to the Elgon community. CONEM’s focus is to ensure improvement of the livelihoods in the Elgon region to reduce poverty among the marginalized. Strategies in this pursuit are centered as follows;
Creating Employment Opportunities For The Youths

CONEM encourages individuals and partners of shared interest in providing a variety of employment hubs in sync to the ever increasing literacy levels among the youths in Uganda. This it achieves through establishing entrepreneurship guidance to facilitate self-reliance among the youth within the Elgon Region. We also provide avenues for increase in the social capital by linking competent youths to potential employers and successful entrepreneurs in different walks of life.

Improvement Of Food Security

The sophisticated biotechnology improvements have led to a series of controversial debates in the foods and nutrition arena. The GMO campaigns have much been critiqued for tempering with the world’s food security. In the same vain, the chemical compositions like fertilizers and pesticides have equally carried the blame for nutrition-based diseases like cancer and which have claimed a commendable number of lives. It is due to these underpinning challenges that there is critical need for improvement in the agricultural inputs towards ensuring food security within among the farmers in the region perhaps a thematic area of CONEM’s response to food security.

Establishing Agribusiness Storage Facilities

Another cause of diminished food security in the elgon region is the storage practices. CONEM seeks to provide improved storage facilities with the core interest of ensuring safety in storage process in addition to regulating the prices of the agricultural outputs of the farmers. The establishment of such facilities shall be based on the priority prospects of the localities and the environmental conditions within which the farm’s products.

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