CONEM is an equal opportunity service provider and exists against any cases of gender based discrimination, promotes equal enjoyment and representation and is determined to reduce economic disparity amongst the different genders.

Reduction Of Discrimination Based On Sex Among The Rural Men And Women

Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the rural communities of Uganda is majorly on a traditional basis with the women being the vulnerable gender to this violence. In many instances, the women are denied fundamental freedoms on grounds of gender. It is therefore our roe to sensitize communities upon the potential of all genders pursuant to settling discrimination cases on the basis of gender.

Empowerment Of The Men And Women On Their Fundamental Rights And Freedoms

CONEM further seeks to empower both the men and women on their fundamental rights to enable them live a complete life free from limitations. As such we open up the minds of the rural population on their fundamental freedoms. This enables all the genders to understand their freedoms as provided by the constitution. It should however be noted that CONEM does not negate the legacy of any culture within the region for as long as it acts within confines of natural and constitutional justice.

Reduction Of Social And Economic Imbalance

CONEM‘s policy on gender illustrates the need for gender equality in the social and Economic prospects. CONEM seeks to ensure equal representation in the Job Market, in the political, and the social placements. For all the opportunities herein provided by CONEM there is a requirement that the male and women are equally represented for as long as they have the desired merit as per the specified areas of influence.

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