Rebuilding communities for families


Welcome to Continental Neighbors Mission

Continental Neighbours Mission is a registered local non government organization established in the year 2017. It was founded by Kasakya Denis who had for decades envisioned being part of the solution to the community challenges faced by majority of the peasant farmers, young girls and boys in his immediate neighborhood in Khamoto Village in Bungokho South in Mbale District. Kasakya and his passionate team of similar minded youth are committed to empowering their community through support in five thematic areas of; environmental conservation, education and vocational skills training, livelihoods, health care and gender based rights sensitization; as a means to reducing poverty levels and improving societal welfare. Our aim is to develop the rural poor through empowerment to enable them get out of poverty and have a healthy and improved livelihood.

Our Objectives:
  • To promote environmental conservation and ecosystem management.
  • To provide education and vocational skills training.
  • To establish income generating projects for poverty eradication, employment creation, and food security.
  • To promote gender based rights through community sensitisation
  • To promote health care and fight against HIV/AIDS, through community health education and service delivery through partnerships with health service providers.